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How do you pronounce dundar in English (1 out of 16).

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  1. It is clear that although Dundar Bey was actually a deputy of Bey, he was not the man of the
  2. Essentially, the audience cannot understand what Dundar Bey is doing exactly.
  3. As we said in our previous analysis, the real fitna is in the oban, even in the Dundar brain
  4. The bad face of the Zhre Hat also showed itself in this episode and gave Dundar Bey
  5. Dundar, who is the Inability, is supposed to pursue politics in his own way and says
  6. Aliar Bey threatened with the execution and exile of Dundar Bey, who was incompetent in the room, now shows that the knife rests on the bone.
  7. Of course, Dundar Bey will remain silent again.
  8. send gold to the gentleman? Why did Dundar bey spin? Will he marry Osman Aygl? The
  9. Because this place is very important. First of all, Dundar bey Osman wants to keep the
  10. she won't say ohh Miss Dundar. But Osman Bey will be married to what device. Neither will
  11. he settle for his assistant to keep his uncle under control. Dundar Bey knows how Osman
  12. Dundar Bey, who says what we do, is not afraid of anyone other than Allah, who stood at the
  13. threatens him. First, Dundar's bravery burns quickly like a flame of straw. It goes off
  14. getting the head of all of them, so if Dundar is either an obama or Osman, I will choose
  15. an obami. So again, there is a cowardly and courageous Dundar bey. Now let's get to where
  16. fortress, is actually lying there politically. The important thing here is that Mr. Dundar