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  1. Edsilia Rombley, Monique Klemann, Andre Hazes junior and Carolina Dijkhuizen.
  2. But enough about your father. Edsilia, it's your turn.
  3. I know Edsilia is not the biggest Hazes fan.
  4. Edsilia with Last Chance.
  5. We do that with Edsilia Rombley, Carolina Dijkhuizen...
  6. And we start with Edsilia, 'Just do it'.
  7. Why did you choose that for Edsilia?
  8. You look beautiful. Just act normal, Edsilia.
  9. Edsilia, you're a little quiet today.
  10. Chantal, Edsilia, Jan, and Nikkie talk about their dream to present the Eurovision Song contest.
  11. Edsilia Rombley (intro)
  12. But now it's known: Edsilia Rombley, Chantal Janzen and Jan Smit
  13. Edsilia, Chantal, Jan.
  14. In this episode Chantal, Edsilia, Jan and Nikkie tell us how important it is to have a good look
  15. Kelly Huisman for Chantal Nga Ho for Edsilia
  16. This episode Edsilia, Jan, Chantal and Nikkie experience their last moments just before
  17. I have four buttons here: Chantal, Jan, Edsilia and Nikkie
  18. This episode Jan, Edsilia, Nikkie and Chantal tell us how they complete the finishing touch to their preparations.
  19. ...with none other than Edsilia Rombley.
  20. Edsilia!