How do you pronounce eggplane in English (1 out of 7).

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  1. company we've i've picked up or we found out of it it's called Suyata and it's on the Eggplane style
  2. propeller or something rather there that's the wing structures and as remember it's an Eggplane
  3. but it's a fairly big Eggplane so it's like yeah it's just just amazing and it's even a
  4. destruction book and i've got to be honest it's almost like wingnuts decided to do an Eggplane
  5. not your regular Eggplane detailed with just a few parts that you throw together this is
  6. Titanic seal and iceberg so this has been done in again in the Eggplane
  7. of the ship so it's not that big but it's in the Eggplane style so you know quite a bit nice