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  1. and contribute to build the new ship called Elanco.
  2. at Elanco Enterprise Technology Solutions. My main responsibility is
  3. Dr. Jeff Simmons is the president of Elanco Health, glad to have him, and let me also
  4. Elanco is a division of the Eli Lilly and Company.
  5. Elanco's committed to antibiotic stewardship and engaging in collectively shaping science-based
  6. Building on the collaboration created at that event, Elanco, at that event, committed to
  7. the three different data companies in Elanco, the analytic capability to produce, helping
  8. Since the White House forum Elanco has brought two new animal-only antibiotics to poultry
  9. As Dr. King mentioned, this is not just Elanco's effort alone.
  10. Many of them are multinational companies like Elanco and smaller biologic manufacturers