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  1. Hello, my name is Felicity. I'm a professional saxophonist and I'm very excited to introduceyou The Emeo
  2. The EMEO is a MIDI wind controller intendedto beas
  3. The key mechanism andthe fingering of the EMEO is exactly the same as a traditional saxophone.
  4. If you are wondering how the EMEO feels in your hands,
  5. One thing I like about the design, is that the EMEO doesn't have a bell like a soprano saxophone.
  6. The EMEO is a MIDI wind controller, so the bell would be absolutely unnecessary in this case.
  7. Like this the EMEO is only 50 centimeters long,
  8. It has a small luggage size, so you can easily take your EMEO on an airplane.
  9. The EMEO comes with a standard alto mouthpiece, and special, flexible, antibacterial mouthpiece,
  10. You can play the EMEO also with your own mouthpiece, or without any mouthpiece at all.
  11. The EMEO comes with a straight neck and curved neck.
  12. mouthpiece, which comes included with EMEO. The reason is that I like to work
  13. The EMEO has only one button, which is the power button.
  14. The EMEO will also automatically turn on when connected with the included USB cable.
  15. You can connect the EMEO to computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones via Bluetooth.
  16. To play silently you can connect the EMEO with your headphones,
  17. As you can see the EMEO is a practice horn and it's made exactly as a traditional saxophone.
  18. The EMEO also doesn't have onboard sounds.
  19. With the purchase of the EMEO you will get the license to Respiro software,
  20. Recording with the EMEO is very easy.