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How do you pronounce en route in English (1 out of 8671).

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IPA (International Phonetic Alphabet) of en route

The International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) is an alphabetic system of phonetic notation based primarily on the Latin alphabet. With phonetic transcriptions, dictionarie tell you about the pronunciation of words, because the spelling of an English word does not tell you how you should pronounce it. Below is the phonetic transcription of en route:
/ɛn ɹut/

Derived Form of en

plural: ens
half the width of an em
Hypernymslinear unit,
Type oflinear unit,
Part ofem, pica, pica em,
make, turn into, put into (em- is used before a p or b)

Derived Form of route

plural: routes
third person: routes
past: routed
past participle: routed
present participle: routing
an established line of travel or access
Synonymspath, itinerary,
Hyponymsair lane, beat, beeline, bus route, circuit, crosscut, direction, fairway, feeder line, flight path, line of fire, line of flight, line of march, main line, migration route, orbit, paper route, supply line, track, trade route, traffic pattern,
Type ofline,
Typesair lane, airway, approach pattern, beat, beeline, bus route, celestial orbit, circuit, crosscut, data track, direction, electron orbit, fairway, feeder line, flight path, flyway, line of fire, line of flight, line of march, main line, migration route, Northwest Passage, orbit, paper round, paper route, pattern, round, skyway, supply line, supply route, track, trade route, traffic pattern, way,
an open way (generally public) for travel or transportation
Hyponymsaccess road, byway, causeway, clearway, corduroy, detour, drive, driveway, highway, line, post road, roadway, shortcut, side road, skid road, speedway, thoroughfare, track, turnoff,
Meronymsbend, crown, intersection, roadbed, shoulder, traffic circle, turnaround, turnout,
Partsbend, berm, carrefour, circle, crest, crossing, crossroad, crossway, crown, curve, intersection, pavement, paving, roadbed, rotary, roundabout, shoulder, traffic circle, turnaround, turnout, widening,
Type ofway,
Typesaccess road, beltway, bypass, bypath, byroad, byway, cart track, cartroad, causeway, circumferential, clearway, corduroy, crosscut, cutoff, detour, drive, driveway, highway, line, main road, parkway, post road, private road, rail line, railway line, ring road, roadway, roundabout way, shortcut, side road, skid road, slip road, speedway, thoroughfare, track, turnoff,
send documents or materials to appropriate destinations
Type ofdespatch, dispatch, send off,
send via a specific route
Type ofdirect, send,
divert in a specified direction
  1. divert the low voltage to the engine cylinders
Type ofdivert,

en route on Youtube

  1. or was this en route? - I was en route.
  2. While en route, Captain Estramonte and the crew of the Munro would devise their plan
  3. Men died en route and, as the Grand Armee stumbled down through the St Bernard Pass
  4. So, me and Octav1us are en-route to the Bourne House Auction Rooms to collect this mysterious
  5. another smaller force en route from Corua.
  6. no promotion from distributors en route to its theatrical release and was all but ignored
  7. You'll find this Canal en route to Sheikhupura and Nankana Sahib.
  8. I've just crossed the Iranian border en route to the Habala region
  9. ROBERT DURST: We're gonna be en route right now
  10. CHAYENNE GARCIA: We're en route to--
  11. The most recent information is that he's en route to a hospital in Magadan. Frostbite.
  12. We just left Special Interior, we are en route to Zwolle to unload... we must carry on.
  13. Tibbets: Well, the question while it was being en route or being moved: what will the target
  14. En route to answer Medivhs call, thralls stolen ships end up in a sudden, fierce storm
  15. wake en route to QuelThelas.
  16. Most of the boats to Pilatus stop here en route, so hop off at the Burgenstock dock.
  17. After Takeoff, The Pilots are instructed to tune into Lumpur Radar ATC, The frequency used for en route air traffic
  18. passengers filed onto Air Florida Flight 90 en route to Tampa and Fort Lauderdale, with
  19. DISPATCHER (on radio): Be advised, Air Med One is en route to Kenosha
  20. an unscheduled stop en route to our final destination.