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  1. Johnny Quid: Yes, I think in the endshow from last year.
  2. My first impression with Audiotricz was at the Defqon.1 endshow 2013.
  3. and all of a sudden you hear that beautiful track during the endshow!
  4. Its like an endshow with one artist each for the BLACK and the BLUE.
  5. Just like Q-dance used to do as well, we would build the endshow around one artist.
  6. its an endshow in The Gathering!
  7. and Im happy well get to play the track at this insane stage tonight during the endshow
  8. The endshow there was beautiful.
  9. and I think the endshow of Intents is also very nice
  10. I've seen the endshow from the VIP deck on Saturday
  11. Right now I think for the Saturday endshow.
  12. and the endshow was super nice
  13. Creating the endshow together.
  14. DJ Ruthless: Yes, at the, whats it called, Decibel Endshow stream? Johnny Quid: Yes, last year. And before that at
  15. I also thought that it was amazing that my track 'Lost In Paradise' was part of the endshow in 2014
  16. But also if your track is part of an endshow, or an aftermovie or something else
  17. Indeed, so first with Ghost Stories, that was really the last track of the Endshow
  18. There's just something magical to the Endshow
  19. We have also done that, creating a track based on the concept of the Endshow
  20. to choose from, everyone wants to have his or her track in the Endshow of course