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How do you pronounce estradiol in English (1 out of 23).

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IPA (International Phonetic Alphabet) of estradiol

The International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) is an alphabetic system of phonetic notation based primarily on the Latin alphabet. With phonetic transcriptions, dictionarie tell you about the pronunciation of words, because the spelling of an English word does not tell you how you should pronounce it. Below is the phonetic transcription of estradiol:

Derived Form of estradiol

plural: estradiols
the most powerful female hormone that occurs naturally; synthesized and used to treat estrogen deficiency and breast cancer
Type ofestrogen, oestrogen,
Part ofLo/Ovral, Loestrin, Modicon, Norlestrin, Ovocon, Ovral,

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  1. That means if you have no change in testosterone level or even estradiol level, free testosterone
  2. Oh by the way for the pharmacologists at home this is 6mg estradiol and 200 mg spironolactone
  3. so high incubation temperatures introduce, in most turtles, Introduce Estradiol production. Estradiol hormone is a sex hormone
  4. I found on Wikipedia comparing the makeup of isoflavones and Coomer stands to estradiol, the major estrogen hormone.
  5. I stepped too hard in Estradiol
  6. a radioactive vat of Estradiol and became
  7. In girls, estrogens, the most important one being estradiol
  8. possible treatments. Current research includes the indication that estradiol, a form of estrogen,
  9. some preliminary open trials showing that estradiol may have an effective antidepressant
  10. action in some of these women. So, we have a study now in which we're using estradiol,
  11. estradiol}{\rtlch\ab0\ai0\af2\afs22\ltrch\b0\i0\fs22\loch\af2\dbch\af2\hich\f2\strike0 \ulnone\cf1 }{\rtlch\ab0\ai0\af2\afs22\ltrch\b0\i0\fs22\loch\af2\dbch\af2\hich\f2\strike0\ulnone\cf1
  12. estradiol}{\rtlch\ab0\ai0\af2\afs22 \ltrch\b0\i0\fs22\loch\af2\dbch\af2\hich\f2\strike0\ulnone\cf1
  13. estradiol}{\rtlch\ab0\ai0\af2\afs22\ltrch\b0\i0\fs22\loch\af2\dbch\af2\hich\f2\strike0\ulnone\cf1 }{\rtlch\ab0\ai0\af2\afs22\ltrch\b0\i0\fs22\loch\af2\dbch\af2
  14. \ulnone\cf1 }{\rtlch\ab0\ai0\af2\afs22\ltrch\b0\i0\fs22\loch\af2\dbch\af2\hich\f2\strike0\ulnone\cf1 estradiol}{\rtlch\ab0\ai0\af2\afs22\ltrch\b0\i0\fs22\loch\af2\dbch\af2\hich\f2\strike0\ulnone\cf1
  15. Estradiol}{\rtlch\ab0\ai0\af2\afs22\ltrch\b0\i0\fs22\loch\af2\dbch\af2\hich\f2\strike0\ulnone\cf1 }{\rtlch\ab0\ai0\af2\afs22\ltrch\b0\i0\fs22
  16. \ulnone\cf1 estradiol}{\rtlch\ab0\ai0\af2\afs22\ltrch\b0\i0\fs22\loch\af2\dbch\af2\hich\f2\strike0\ulnone\cf1 . }{\rtlch\ab0\ai0\af2\afs22\ltrch\b0\i0\fs22\loch\af2\dbch\af2\hich\f2\strike0\ulnone\cf1
  17. estradiol}{\rtlch\ab0\ai0\af2\afs22\ltrch\b0\i0\fs22\loch\af2\dbch\af2\hich\f2\strike0\ulnone\cf1 }{\rtlch\ab0\ai0\af2\afs22\ltrch\b0\i0\fs22\loch\af2\dbch\af2\hich\f2\strike0
  18. estradiol}{\rtlch\ab0\ai0\af2\afs22\ltrch\b0\i0\fs22\loch\af2\dbch\af2\hich\f2\strike0\ulnone\cf1 }{
  20. Scientists believe that may be linked to the hormone estradiol,