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  1. Several Palestinians have been invited to a discussion in Kfar Etsion
  2. A town of 17,000, a few kilometers south of Kfar Etsion.
  3. And Gush Etsion settlement, about 2 kilometers.
  4. At the famous Lone Tree in Gush Etsion.
  5. And below: the same Lone Tree that's on the Gush Etsion flag.
  6. Two kilometers south of here, the Kfar Etsion massacre happened
  7. We drive together, through the Security Gate, into Kfar Etsion.
  8. Kfar Etsion kibbutz became the first Israeli settlement.
  9. Gush Etsion Mayor Shaul Goldstein
  10. For the first time, you I heard the story of the last battle of Gush Etsion