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  1. The last notable group was Extile,
  2. mpared to the two previously mentioned places Extile would have very lenient rules,
  3. CRM would be this screenshot, GP this screenshot, and Extile this one.
  4. As previously mentioned, unlike extile, CRM and GP were really big discord servers,
  5. After the first Extile server was deleted,
  6. Kokkare would post this image of an animator SaudX with the caption i boom extile.
  7. Main playerbase on the server would consist of members of the Extile community,
  8. he would teleport to Killer's [Extile] base and grief it.
  9. he would teleport to Killer's [Extile] base and grief it. Twice.
  10. so he believed Extile could somehow use creative mode and banned practically anyone who was active on the server,
  11. And because Extile members were the only ones making animations at that time most of the prizepool went to them,
  12. Extile didn't really care.
  13. Deleting both CRM and Extile,
  14. and from this point, he seemed to have some sort of problem with both Extile and Olderchat.
  15. At first, hed join Extile and try to make friends with people,
  16. Compared to Extile olderchat had lots of content against discords Terms of Service which would make reporting it a really easy objective.
  17. then deadcomputer is an exaggerated version of Extile.
  18. Its pretty well known that Extile has rebranded into Killer,
  19. where the main player base consisted of Extile members.
  20. MC Punjabi was a victim of the explosions, and the incident was recorded to spite the Extile community.