How do you pronounce fateel in English (1 out of 10).

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  1. [Al-Fateel] is a thread inside a date fruit, in the furrow on its seed..
  2. What does the verse mean by the word; [Fateel]?
  3. Does it mean a materialistic defined amount of the [Fateel]?
  4. Also the amount of [Fateel].
  5. if the verse wants to define the amount of injustice as like the amount indicated by the word [Fateel].
  6. Then, Grammatically, the word;[Fateel] is an Object.
  7. then, Grammatically the word; [Fateel] will be Cognate Object.
  8. So, Grammatically, the word; [Fateel] has two cases.. inflections..
  9. If we consider the word; [Fateel] as it directly indicates.. then it is an Object.
  10. So, He said..[You will not have a [Fateel]of injustice.]