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  1. Tippi: Featherians are rarely seen after all. Everyone fusses over something rare.
  2. Amelia: By the time we got here, it was the final phase of the war between Featherians and Growshians.
  3. Amelia: Featherians left the ground, Growshians used the biological weapon Gevel to slaughter the opposing humans, it was such an era.
  4. Amelia: Melfi's parents who were our leaders were killed by Growshians for being Featherians.
  5. People once lived in a world different from this one. People call the the world we lived in before the Previous World. Many humans and Featherians have moved to this world to avoid the destruction of the Previous World.
  6. Gina: Then I understood. Humans have something that featherians don't have.
  7. Gina: But, just as I became able to understand you, I hope the other featherians also become able to understand humans...
  8. Gina: Humans do have a bad side. But we featherians are the same in that regard.
  9. Gina: I love humans. I'm sure the other featherians will also understand someday.
  10. Gina: The Featherians made spacetime control devices, but no matter what it couldn't attract the strong reactions to create spacetime distortions.