How do you pronounce feltotem in English (1 out of 8).

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  1. It seems like thats what they planned to do all along so its time to show the feltotem
  2. the next one pointing them towards Hostile Feltotem who have been kidnapping our allies.
  3. The Feltotem are spreading their demonic corruption into the wildlife around them, infected the
  4. At the misty coast we discover that the feltotem are experimenting on the falcosaurs.
  5. I will scout out the Feltotem.
  6. The feltotem are befouling the unquiet spirits in the marshlands with more of their felmagic.
  7. by murdering a whole bunch of the feltotem infusers.
  8. The hero is succesfull in bringing down both Tugar and Jormog and with this feltotem out