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  1. FinDock offers your organisation a way to create, manage and track PayLinks directly
  2. Every account receivable recorded as a FinDock installment automatically results in a PayLink.
  3. FinDock subsequently makes sure this also updates the data in Salesforce in real-time.
  4. And because FinDock is 100% native, you can keep track of all your Paylinks, using the
  5. FinDock PayLinks offers you the flexibility to change the branding of your payment page,
  6. with FinDock PayLinks.
  7. In this video Id like to give you a short overview of the Direct Debit process in FinDock.
  8. FinDock comes with a built-in page builder for Giving Pages.
  9. All the relevant information is stored in the system and FinDock automatically created
  10. Now that weve seen how FinDock helps capture new Direct Debit donations, let's take a look
  11. FinDock is committed to be very transparent about the data processing.
  12. Typically, the FinDock Direct Debit process has 3 stages,
  13. Process, in this stage FinDock creates the Direct Debit submission file
  14. By default, FinDock allows you to review and validate the contents of the Direct Debit
  15. If your Direct Debit contract places limits on the number of transactions per file, FinDock
  16. In this way FinDock gives you full control over every aspect of the collection process.
  17. Finally, FinDock is designed to handle large volumes of transactions, Direct Debits runs
  18. To process these failures, FinDock is able to process the PAIN.002 report provided by
  19. FinDock is able to generate paylinks for every pledge, allowing you to include them in your
  20. transaction with her Credit Card. and FinDock automatically matches the payment to the original