How do you pronounce finken in English (1 out of 8).

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  1. It is Finken who is going to drag Alexander Rybak up into the skies. We'll see if Finken's huge power is still there.
  2. Ladies and Gentleman please welcome - Finn Christian Jagge (Finken).
  3. - Thank you for your trust. - And suddenly Finken is here.
  4. - But on the wrong team, Finken, you are an alpine skier. - It is very pleasant, welcome. How are you doing?
  5. - I saw that Lasse got a bit pale when he saw Finken. - Yes, that was what I thought too.
  6. Come on. Lasse pulls Kjetil up, while Finken has good control on Alexander Rybak, who don't weigh much.
  7. What's happening now? A collision between Lasse and Finken. And Kjetil gets hold of the bell first and wins this competition.
  8. I tackled Finken, he was there and I went straight on him.