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How do you pronounce fiuk in English (1 out of 14).

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Translation of fiuk

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IPA (International Phonetic Alphabet) of fiuk

The International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) is an alphabetic system of phonetic notation based primarily on the Latin alphabet. With phonetic transcriptions, dictionarie tell you about the pronunciation of words, because the spelling of an English word does not tell you how you should pronounce it. Below is the phonetic transcription of fiuk:

fiuk on Youtube

  1. That's Fiuk.
  2. Geez, Fiuk?
  3. Why is Fiuk in my show?
  4. Yes, it's Fiuk.
  5. Oh, my God, macho, that's Fiuk!
  6. this shoulder here we go also launch fiuk outside
  7. of fiuk right in that little space and now that you will see that by the way
  8. from the cleavage and we go there too are fiuk in the middle of both sides will break
  9. from this center so let's launch the fiuk also ready cast the thread here
  10. launch fiuk in this medium here in the union staff released the son well on the date
  11. thread here in this little corner look at the fiuk loop i'm going to launch the
  12. instead of throwing the son right here the fiuk
  13. launch the fiuk on the side at the union between the halves in this union here I will
  14. right at the beginning of this block here we let's launch fiuk at the beginning of this