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  1. This time it's a backpack, the Fjllrven Singi 48.
  2. Welcome to the review of the Fjllrven Singi 48 backpack,
  3. I've been testing the Fjllrven backpack now
  4. and I never tested a backpack from Fjllrven before.
  5. is made out of Fjllrven's core material,
  6. But Fjllrven uses
  7. and also about materials and products that Fjllrven makes
  8. than the weight that Fjllrven claims
  9. and about some other backpacks that Fjllrven does,
  10. But Fjllrven did one really clever thing.
  11. that I like about the Fjllrven
  12. And what Fjllrven tells me is that this color,
  13. the Fjllrven logo and the arctic fox,
  14. that I like the Fjllrven Singi 48 a lot.
  15. Fjllrven stuff is never cheap.
  16. And therefore I rate the Fjllrven Singi 48
  17. This review is on the Fjllrven MT Traveller Jacket,
  18. What is cool and interesting about Fjllrven
  19. has been used in Fjllrven products in the past,
  20. ...for example in a way, a brand like Fjllrven stands for: