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  1. Mr. Philippe LI, Honorary Chairman of FKCCI, Mr. Olivier Mouroux, FKCCI Vice-Chairman,
  2. If you encounter difficulties, in particular with regard to simultaneous translation, you can contact us through the application chat. The FKCCI team will remain at your disposal throughout this webinar.
  3. Mr. David-Pierre Jalicon, FKCCI Chairman and CEO of DPJ & Partners Architecture
  4. Mr. Philippe LI, Honorary Chairman of FKCCI and Lawyer at Kim & Chang
  5. Mr. Olivier Mouroux, FKCCI Vice-Chairman and CEO of Asiance
  6. Let's start with Mr. David-Pierre Jalicon, FKCCI Chairman
  7. Hello everyone, I am very pleased to meet you for this new Webinar FKCCI dedicated e the Management crisis Covid 19 Korea South Korea.
  8. I also do not forget our two administrators, Mr. Philippe LI, Honorary President of the FKCCI and lawyer at Cabinet Kim & Chang
  9. and Mr. Olivier Mouroux Vice-President of the FKCCI and co-founder of the digital agency Asiance.
  10. Thank you again for your numerous participation in this new FKCCI event since we are more than 200 people currently connected.
  11. Mr. Young Joon Park from KCDC, Mr. Ik Jin Lee from MOLIT, but also everyone from FKCCI:
  12. Mr. Jalicon, Mr. LI and Mr. Mouroux. I would also like to congratulate them on the professionalism and energy and inventiveness of the FKCCI.
  13. I would like to thank you for your presence today. I would like to thank the FKCCI team for the organization of this series of conferences which gives the possibility to
  14. First of all I would like to thank you for giving us this opportunity to share our experience. I thank the FKCCI, all participants for your interest in the Korean experience.
  15. All of you who have followed us for more than an hour and a half and you are still very very very numerous and of course the FKCCI teams who participated in the technical organization of the webinar.
  16. This is possible with the help of the FKCCI which connects companies together.
  17. be sure that the fkcci will do its best to give you access to those programs and will help you
  18. all including foreigners just before the pandemic in january 2019 the fkcci did open its new office
  19. we do not have the same perception regarding tech i recall for example the webinar the fkcci
  20. for all the people this is our daily work at the fkcci as our objective is to build bridges between