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  1. Before installation, Floorfixx fini has to acclimatise for at least 48 hours in its sealed packaging
  2. Install Floorfixx fini floated in stretcher bond with the MDF side facing up.
  3. Floorfixx fini can be easily cut with a knife or laminate cutter.
  4. Glide over the installed Floorfixx fini underlay using a 50-kilogram or 100-pound heavy roller.
  5. Install the flooring within 24 hours after the installation of Floorfixx fini.
  6. Floorfixx fini: the modular flooring system that evens out minor irregularities.
  7. Here we are comparing the standard levelling process to installing a Floorfixx smart system.
  8. Once acclimatised, we can start with the Floorfixx smart installation by laying the PE film.
  9. With Floorfixx smart, we can get to work on installing the floor.
  10. Floorfixx smart is installed row by row in stretcher bond with each new row being started with a panel at least 1/3 the length of the original panel.
  11. Floorfixx smart can easily be cut to size with a knife or mini-saw.
  12. After installing the Floorfixx smart, sand it and remove any dust.
  13. As you can see, installing a Floorfixx smart takes considerably less time than it takes to complete the standard levelling process.
  14. In addition, Floorfixx smart provides maximum stability and reduces impact sound.
  15. Floorfixx smart: the smart underlay!
  16. Welcome to the Floorfixx Optimum introduction video.
  17. Floorfixx Optimum is a new system floor that enables you to work more quickly and cleanly