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  1. for example like Gen, Turing, Soss, ForneyLab, and others. So why did we decide to build a new one?
  2. And for those of you who are familiar with ForneyLab you
  3. may see this new package as a natural evolution of ideas behind ForneyLab.
  4. ForneyLab was also written in BIASlab and for recent years we have been doing a lot of research
  5. And there is like a brief introduction to the ideas behind ForneyLab and ReactiveMP as well
  6. in our example and they see that ReactiveMP just outperforms both ForneyLab and Turing.
  7. new major version of ForneyLab, potentially 2.0. There is a slide about the scope of the package.
  8. It is worth to know that neither ForneyLab nor ReactiveMP are general purpose PPLs
  9. so new implementation supports only conjugate models for now. ForneyLab supports non-conjugate