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  1. that Frameline Invisible is premiering at Frameline.
  2. the program director at Frameline.
  3. and welcome to Frameline 45.
  4. for our Frameline Talks series.
  5. - Hi, and thanks Alegra and thanks to Frameline
  6. I am grateful to Frameline for including me
  7. that disability can inform Frameline
  8. and maybe Frameline can inform Superfest, who knows?
  9. what do you wish people who attend Frameline know,
  10. and I'm hoping Frameline will become a champion
  11. that I want Frameline viewers to think about
  12. After Frameline, it'll be in mid-October.
  13. Thank you, Frameline.
  14. the program director here at Frameline,
  15. for our Frameline Talk series.
  16. which I think won Frameline
  17. Thank you, Frameline.
  18. - (indistinct) Frameline almost every night,