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  1. Robbert, we are of course going to talk about the varieties, but today we are going to talk about the FullRed tomatoes, but what are FullRed tomatoes?
  2. We actually have FullRed tomatoes in many segments these days. The basis is a very intense red colour on the outside and inside, combined with a good taste.
  3. It is important that everyone recognizes the lable FullRed much easier, so that's why we are now really launching it as a concept.
  4. Hi Brenda, Hi George. I just spoke to your colleague, Robbert, and he told me about the FullRed tomatoes.
  5. These are lot of tomatoes that both have the FullRed label. I'll cut one in a moment. As you can see here, it has internally a very deep red colour.
  6. This was my first video for De Ruiter this time about FullRed tomatoes, They are really tasty and I hope I can learn more about them in the coming videos.