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  1. Dan Fylstra, who had been exploring the possibilities of selling software to the
  2. When Bricklin spoke with Fylstra, he was very interested in VisiCalc and quickly offered to
  3. publish VisiCalc through Personal Software. Fylstra was also responsible for the choice
  4. of the Apple II as the initial target platform. The Apple II was chosen purely because Fylstra had
  5. Frankston got to work developing the final retail version that would be distributed by Fylstra and
  6. Given that Fylstra had loaned Bricklin an Apple II, I would assume that Frankston
  7. another version done in Apple BASIC on the Apple II borrowed from Fylstra, and finally the full
  8. as up until that point it had been known as Calcu-Ledger. Fylstra, in his capacity as the
  9. inside a ziploc bag with xeroxed documentation that was merely stapled together. Fylstra knew
  10. quite a bit of money, there was no reason for them to negotiate with Fylstra over the issue.
  11. where he writes a regular column for their magazine. Fylstra had a varied career as well,