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  1. are slain until the now headmaster of scholomance, darkmaster Gandling, stands alone. He has
  2. us in a tight grip but thankfully the death knight commanders show up and force Gandling
  3. Gandling.
  4. 7 to 8 optional bosses and then 6 bosses required to summon Gandling.
  5. Gandling, the headmaster here appointed by kelthuzad himself.
  6. Gandling his final death.
  7. under the control of Darkmaster Gandling, a particularly sadistic and insidious practitioner
  8. Rattlegore was thought to have been destroyed in Andorhal, but Gandling immediately began
  9. Darkmaster Gandling with his Course: Advanced studies.
  10. The recent defeat in Andorhal has put Darkmaster Gandling in the foulest of moods.
  11. Kelthuzad, the Lich King and now Darkmaster Gandling all are dead.