How do you pronounce gankelaar in English (1 out of 13).

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  1. Yes, I came to see Dr de Gankelaar Mr Katadreuffe?
  2. Mr Katadreuffe for Dr de Gankelaar.
  3. Yes, Dr de Gankelaar?
  4. I'm de Gankelaar. I have come for Mr J.W. Katadreuffe.
  5. I even hear from Dr de Gankelaar
  6. Dr de Gankelaar overestimates me.
  7. I see Dr de Gankelaar represents you?
  8. Dr de Gankelaar!
  9. Dr de Gankelaar, I am warning your client.
  10. Dr de Gankelaar paid the fifteen guilders... To prevent seizure of the books.
  11. Dr de gankelaar is a creditor for the sum of fifteen guilders.
  12. De Gankelaar decided the case in our favour.
  13. A month later, De Gankelaar left for New Guinea.