How do you pronounce garnt in English (1 out of 40).

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  1. I mean seriously, Garnt says gamer, Man loses it.
  2. - Garnt literally can't remember.
  3. - Garnt's not a gamer.
  4. - Look Garnt's literally be like,
  5. - Yeah Garnt's like, I'm gonna blue ball myself.
  6. - Garnt in the club.
  7. - Here's, because- - You're such a boomer, Garnt.
  8. Hey where, these aren't boomer picks, Garnt.
  9. where we're just like, damn Garnt, you have a good taste.
  10. Like, congratulations Garnt, you have good taste, all right?
  11. - What is Garnt. - Then I found out that,
  12. It's like Garnt used to be a FIFA 09 pro.
  13. - What's wrong with you Garnt?
  14. - Dude, Garnt was here being pro at FIFA,
  15. of course I like Sunshine, Garnt.
  16. 2A.Garnt's Shoes: From TT's buying Anime Figurines ep. It's actually a black pair with white soles, but I changed the upper to dark brown.
  17. 2B.Garnt Outfit: The Classic Steve Handjobs Outfit, Shorts (from Gigguk's VTuber ep. This is the only video I've seen him wear shorts It's a dark blue one)
  18. 3. Garnt still in his signature turtleneck, but wearing his chain
  19. 4.Garnt eating his favourite part of the pizza
  20. 2B.Garnt Outfit: The Classic Steve Handjobs Outfit, Shorts