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  1. Gerhart of Aelle, or as you might know him, Hen Gedymdeith, was a very old wizard.
  2. In the course of his life Hen gedymdeith had risen high amongst the sorcerers of the brotherhood,
  3. Hen Gedymdeith.
  4. But by the time she arrived it was already too late, and Gerhart of Aelle, Hen Gedymdeith
  5. Hen Gedymdeith would be remembered as one of the very few human sorcerers who had a
  6. But what do you think of Gerhart of Aelle, or as he is also known, Hen Gedymdeith?
  7. the second oldest still living mage in the world, after Hen Gedymdeith, when Geralt first
  8. much bloodshed. And after Hen Gedymdeith had perished during that night on the island,