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  1. they also named it after him: The Gehlen Organisation.
  2. Reinhard Gehlen was a general of the Nazi Armed Forces,
  3. Declassified CIA files show Gehlen had doubts about a Nazi victory
  4. Despite being a Third Reich general, they believed Gehlen
  5. Among them was Oberst Reinhard Gehlen, head of the Fremde Heere Ost, the military intelligence
  6. Gehlen was respected by most of the German general staff thanks to his excellent intelligence work.
  7. Gehlen received information from his men that indeed, an Oberstleutnant Heinrich Scherhorn,
  8. Ironically enough, Reinhard Gehlen, who bought the deception, ended up becoming a spymaster of the
  9. CIA-affiliated anti-communist Gehlen Organisation. Certainly a story worth telling in another video.