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  1. The interior minister`s adviser Anton Gerashenko has already published on his Facebook Timeline information about the killer and has called him to surrender.
  2. According to the information, provided by the interior minister`s adviser Anton Gerashenko, suspect`s name is Grachov A. Alexandr.
  3. Gerashenko calls him to surrender. Also, he says that Grachov will be killed if he doesnt surrender. Only in the latter case he has a chance to be sentenced to life imprisonment.
  4. The National Police Department in Dnepr oblast refused to divulge any information about the suspect in order to prevent leaks, despite Anton Gerashenko had published his name and date of birth 30 minutes before.
  5. But, despite this, some Ukrainian media has continued to call him Grachov, instead of Pugachov, because Anton Gerashenko said it.
  6. Anton Gerashenko has said that the suspect is Grachov. The ex-defense minister of the Russian Federation [also Grachov].
  7. But then Gerashenko has corrected his publication, because some people, including Anatoly Shary, have said to him that the suspect is Pugachov, not Grachov.
  8. Anton Gerashenko has mentioned his name
  9. Anton Gerashenko has called Grachov to surrender. Maybe some Grachovs have decided to surrender, because they prefer the life imprisonment, instead of death. Pugachov hasnt heeded the advice, because he is Pugachov, not Grachov.
  10. Why Gerashenko has divulgated the suspect`s name, if the National Police refused to do it in order to prevent any leaks. Fat leak has already occurred.
  11. border. According to Anton Gerashenko, an advisor to Ukraine's Interior Minister, the