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  1. In 1572 the city and castle were transferred to the Geuzen, after which in 1578 the outer walls and two towers were demolished to serve as a foundation for a sea dike.
  2. After capturing Den Briel and fortifying the place, the Geuzen seized Delfshaven and Schiedam.
  3. who were murdered by the Geuzen
  4. [French] Do not worry ma'am. They're just beggars. ('Geuzen')
  5. The Dutch rebels would later call themselves 'Geuzen', after the condescending words of the counselor.
  6. Because the liberators, the relieving rebels, Geuzen like we say...
  7. This 'Spanish' hole, refers to an event where the Geuzen
  8. After Den Briel was conquered by the Geuzen in 1572, Hoorn, along with the rest of the region, sided with William of Orange.