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  1. Ghatotkaca then personally attacked Duryodhana. Although Ghatotkaca rushed forward like Death
  2. But Ghatotkaca had seen Iravan's death. Enraged, he sent up a huge roar. The earth with her
  3. Ghatotkaca raised his blazing trident and advanced toward the Kauravas. He was backed
  4. Ghatotkaca was furious. Screaming, he and his loyal followers met Duryodhana's forces.
  5. Duryodhana was beside himself with anger. Heedless of his own life he rushed at Ghatotkaca
  6. Biting his lips, Ghatotkaca released a shower of arrows at Duryodhana. The Kaurava seemed
  7. Pierced and bleeding, Ghatotkaca resolved to kill Duryodhana. Forgetful of his father's
  8. effulgence as Ghatotkaca raised it to destroy Duryodhana.
  9. shafts that flew toward Ghatotkaca like a cluster of comets.
  10. and said, It seems from his cries that Ghatotkaca is overpowering the king. No creature can
  11. Drona immediately turned toward the sound of Ghatotkaca's roars. He was followed by
  12. Duryodhana, Drona saw that he was hard-pressed. He quickly shot a volley of arrows at Ghatotkaca,
  13. Seeing the Kuru force arriving, Ghatotkaca laughed and stood his ground. With another
  14. As the Kurus fell back under the fierce assault, Ghatotkaca focused his attention on Duryodhana.
  15. arrows on the roaring Raksasa. Sorely afflicted, Ghatotkaca rose into the sky like an eagle.
  16. Bhima obeyed his brother's instruction and raced off toward Ghatotkaca, supported by
  17. combined forces of Ghatotkaca and Bhima.
  18. Bhima and Ghatotkaca swept about the field like whirlwinds, killing thousands of men.
  19. Ghatotkaca then challenged Bhagadatta with a roar of anger. Assuming an immense form,
  20. Ghatotkaca leapt up and caught that lance. Yelling, he broke it across his thighs as