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  1. -I picked Gihanna and Kelly picked Gihanna
  2. Gihanna Zoe. I'm 17 years old,
  3. Gihanna, we're so excited for you. Thank you.
  4. Gihanna, who do you pick as your coach?
  5. here is Gihanna Zoe.
  6. we've never had anybody quite like Gihanna, either.
  7. Gihanna, there's just something unique about you.
  8. -I got to go with Gihanna on this one.
  9. And then, Gihanna, I just had to keep reminding myself
  10. Gihanna, you have such a big presence --
  11. -So, next up, we have Gihanna and Anna.
  12. Gihanna's more of, like, a soulful songstress,
  13. Alright, Gihanna!
  14. And then, Gihanna, you shine in this performance
  15. I would go with Gihanna here -Thank you.
  16. -Thank you so much. -Gihanna, a lot of times
  17. From the moment you entered, I was like, Sing, Gihanna!
  18. -Gihanna, you have a presence onstage
  19. -Thank you. Thank you so much. -Gihanna, congratulations!
  20. -Gihanna Zoe, you are battling Haley Greg.