How do you pronounce goirle in English (1 out of 7).

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  1. [Jan] You were born in Tilburg? [Floor] Maternity hospital in Goirle [Jan] So next to Tilburg?
  2. [Jan] Floor you just told us you were born in Goirle, did you guys listen to metal at home?
  3. Maternity clinic Goirle.
  4. Floor, you just told them you were born in Goirle.
  5. Floor, you came into the world in Goirle. Yes.
  6. Good morning, today we have three test rides. One in Udenhout, one in Veldhoven and one in Goirle, all in Brabant. A lady with a Maxi and two gentlemen with an Easy Sport. Are you joining us?
  7. So, and then today the last test ride with an Easy Sport in Goirle.