How do you pronounce gokkol in English (1 out of 14).

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  1. Gokkol will suit you well.
  2. What's Yosoo or Gokkol.
  3. Here's Gokkol.
  4. Gokkol.
  5. Do Gokkol.
  6. Gokkol for me.
  7. Everybody has to try Gokkol.
  8. Sechan is going to do Gokkol.
  9. He's going to do Gokkol.
  10. Wow, Gokkol.
  11. Come on, let's go for Gokkol.
  12. Okay, Gokkol for Seokjin.
  13. Nice Gokkol.
  14. I did Gokkol.