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  1. I would like to move on to the Chief of Golanjor Rural Municipality, Pushpa Bahadur Karki , we have had a talk before, we had come to Golanjor.
  2. Golanjor Rural Municipality ward no. 1's Ganesh Pahari's story is equally as interesting as Pramila's
  3. His house in Sindhuli, Golanjor Rural Municipality, Ward no. 1, Chyakhutar.
  4. We have come to Golanjor Rural Municipality to understand the latter phase of Sindhuli's reconstruction.
  5. in Golanjor Rural Municipality.
  6. There are a total of 3,117 beneficiaries in Golanjor Rural Municipality, out of which 2,744 have signed the agreement.
  7. Reconstruction has definitely rapidified in Golanjor Rural Municipality now.
  8. I am at Golanjor Rural Municipality, ward no.3's ward office.
  9. It's not that there are no challenges in Golanjor Rural Municipality's reconstruction but the hurdles overcome
  10. There are plenty of challenges in the reconstruction of Golanjor Rural Municipality
  11. Today's program is centred on Sindhuli's Golanjor Rural Municipality's reconstruction.
  12. What is the pace of reconstruction in Golanjor? What are the problems and challenges in reconstruction and what
  13. We have come here to understand the current state of Golanjor Rural Municipality's reconstruction.
  14. What is the current state of reconstruction in Golanjor?
  15. That means Golanjor's reconstruction will take a year or two more?
  16. Sunkoshi Rural Municipality, Golanjor Rural Municipality for reconstruction via Swisscontact's SSRP project.
  17. Sunkoshi Rural Municipality, and Golanjor Rural Municipality.
  18. SSRP program has a total of 4,800 households in Sindhuli's Kamalamai, Marin, Golanjor, and Sunkoshi Rural Municipality.
  19. According to the engineeers, there is a scarcity of skilled masons in Golanjor Rural Municipality due to which the reconstruction has not been as effective
  20. We'll be talking about the latter stage of reconstruction in Golanjor Rural Municipality and the challenges of beneficiaries of Kamalamai Rural Municipality