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  1. We're gonnagoing to put them together, and we're using the PCBS as the spacer between
  2. So I'm just gonnagoing to move this aside for a second.
  3. So I'm gonnagoing to take this DMM, digital multimeter, and just so you don't think I'm
  4. Okay, what we're gonnagoing to do now, after seeing the part's energized with, the two-watt
  5. So first, I'm gonnagoing to take off the TX coil cover.
  6. I'm gonnagoing to bring that in, and a little, what do you call this, needle nose.
  7. I'm gonnagoing to put this one on the TX.
  8. I'm just gonnagoing to put it here for now, and it sort of stays because of the coil,
  9. Okay, the next part is we're gonnagoing to put on the RX coil.
  10. So I'm just gonnagoing to make that solder go liquid in the hole, stick the wire in,
  11. I'm gonnagoing to have to hold on both sides.
  12. Okay, the last thing we're gonnagoing to do here is we're going to break this board down
  13. We took this coil off before so I'm gonnagoing to remove it so it's a little loose right
  14. What I'm gonnagoing to do right now is break it apart so that you can see exactly how small
  15. So I took off the TX three-watt coil there, and I'm gonnagoing to take off the RX coil.
  16. And now, I'm gonnagoing to do the other side.
  17. So I'm gonnagoing to turn around, here's my TX again, just do it like five times or so.
  18. So the same deal, you're gonnagoing to score away like that.
  19. I'm gonnagoing to do the other side, too.
  20. And we're gonnagoing to to break it a little bit, give it a little more score.