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  1. well, he got it in his Christmas goodiebox
  2. You have been working for the Goodiebox now for a year or two
  3. Yes. So back then at Goodiebox we were just kick starting our growth adventure.
  4. strategy as is defined by opening up the Goodiebox concept to new markets and
  5. worked or you open a new market and boom! They were ready for Goodiebox.
  6. 'Nordic Winegums'. If you remember; in the last Goodiebox I've received a voucher for this Advent
  7. Hello everyone! And in this video I will unbox Goodiebox May.
  8. That's perfect from the Goodiebox that they thought about it, that people don't have those feet
  9. that's the one I've received, and skin purifying I'm Seaweed. I think I know the way how Goodiebox
  10. so I have this elasticity. The total value of this Goodiebox is not that much, it's I think
  11. May Goodiebox. I will see you in the next video. And for now have a good day or night.
  12. Hello everyone, Anna here. And today we will unbox the Goodiebox Advent Calendar.
  13. you know that Goodiebox comes up with those Starskin masks quite usually.
  14. I rememberrecently we actually received a similar one in aGoodiebox.
  15. Next one we got this perfume tube from Goodiebox.
  16. But now I realize what Goodiebox wants.
  17. In a recent Goodiebox we also got a top coat, and I was talking a lot about it.
  18. Thiswas it about this Goodiebox Avent Calendar.
  19. Hoi! Morgen is het weer zover. Je kan dan weer de tweede Miss Lipgloss goodiebox bestellen in mijn shop.
  20. Dus ik ga jullie de inhoud van de Miss lipgloss goodiebox laten zien.