How do you pronounce gordawg in English (1 out of 8).

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  1. to take control of Gordawg, the great elemental fury of earth.
  2. caves of the pale, freeing the elements and even taking out Gordawg as we went through.
  3. Gordawg (Earth) and Kalandrios (Wind).
  4. your call. How may we serve? A dark presence grows in the west. Gordawg,
  5. Gordawg must be found and returned to the throne.
  6. In order to figure out what happened to Gordawg well have to undertake the ritual of binding
  7. inside we find Gordawg and although its with a heavy heart, we need to take him out
  8. The loss of Gordawg will be felt throughout Nagrand for a while but the day is saved.