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  1. This episode is made possible in part by Goudhaantje brushes
  2. I apply the primer with a flat brush, the 686 from Goudhaantje.
  3. you can also use the block whitener Futura 381 from Goudhaantje.
  4. Well you can do the painting with the brush. This is the Purple brush from Goudhaantje.
  5. I will now take the round brush from Goudhaantje, the number 16. I think that myself now,
  6. I use a Goudhaantje paint roller with 13 mm hairs. This is often 12 mm. But
  7. Now we are going to paint the door and I use the green brush from Goudhaantje.
  8. the yellow brush from Goudhaantje and this is a full pig hair brush.
  9. This episode is made possible by Goudhaantje kwasten.
  10. Goudhaantje Futura brush are a bit thicker than the red purple brushes. This allows you to
  11. not completely save that with the Goudhaantje purple brush, because it is too soft for this paint.
  12. Futura brush of Goudhaantje size 16. I also use a purple brush size 14.
  13. For finishing I use the green Futura Brush from Goudhaantje. And if you look at the
  14. quite sure. I do make more use of my Goudhaantje brush when I finish painting.
  15. This episode is made possible in part by Goudhaantje.
  16. But to be able to apply this paint, this time I use the green Futura brush from Goudhaantje
  17. If you were to apply the red Purple brush from Goudhaantje to this paint, there is a chance
  18. I do use the purple brush size 14 and a Goudhaantje roller.
  19. Because of the 5mm bristles, this microstar paint roller from Goudhaantje is sufficiently full