How do you pronounce gouketsu in English (1 out of 10).

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  1. Saitama finally defeats Bakuzan and now goes back Gouketsu after
  2. unfortunately he did not defeat Gouketsu and Bakuzan. Recall that Suiryu
  3. episode 9 Saitama defeats Bakuzan easily and now goes after Gouketsu
  4. we know that Gouketsu was heading back to his lair
  5. again Saitama would defeat Gouketsu in one fell swoop and that's how this
  6. Followed by a strike from Gouketsu. Three of them are down.
  7. Their Gouketsu then attacked us. 6.7 million damage.
  8. Counterattack with my Gouketsu Punch! Bam! 9.2 million damage.
  9. Their Gouketsu is no more.
  10. Will my Gouketsu finish them off?