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  1. with GPON has been patented by ZTE. PPPoE over GPON is reportedly used by retail
  2. With fiber optics, the standard technology, which we call GPON, is a very low power demand technology.
  3. With fiber optics, the standard technology is GPON.
  4. GPON means a symmetric one thousand megabits (Mbps) per second connection.
  5. GPON or gigabit PON works very similarly
  6. GPON system of Ubiquiti and it's dedicated management software, the UNMS.
  7. Although the first GPON products in UBNTs portfolio appeared just recently,
  8. The best example for this is GPON which we introduced in previous episodes,
  9. My collague Pter Major will introduce you to the GPON solution of
  10. The second are based on bus topology which is utilized by point to multipoint protocols like GPON,
  11. This was the AccessPoint WLOG #18, we will follow up with the introduction of ZYXEL's GPON system
  12. We used GEPON technology since 2008, in 2015 we shifted to GPON technology
  13. With GPON technology we can have a ratio of 1:64 in case of TV + NET and 1:128 in case of internet only.
  14. We inject DVBC on GPON on a separate wavelenght,
  15. We tested several GPON devices and only the ZYXEL OLT provided compatibility with 3rd party CPE's.
  16. The GPON network relies on an optical network, so its maintenance is very simple,
  17. directly on a user's computer. More recently, some GPON-based residential gateways also
  18. use PPPoE, although the status of PPPoE in the GPON standards is marginal.
  19. encapsulation for GPON: The protocol encapsulation on BPON is based on multi-protocol encapsulation
  20. The protocol encapsulation on GPON is always IPoE.