How do you pronounce grimtotems in English (1 out of 7).

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  1. The grimtotems have always been on the more hostile side amongst the taurens with their
  2. The grimtotems have been fighting with the forces at freewind post for quite a while
  3. The chief of chiefs has many grimtotems to fight at his side, btu goes down all the same.
  4. The grimtotems make ready to assault thunderbluff, but the bloodhoof legacy still lives on.
  5. Root out the grimtotems that dared to attack him, but his heart was not being wise.
  6. Some of the grimtotems that remained loyal to Magatha would still cause trouble for the
  7. horde, I think you can only kill the Krom'gar. The Grimtotems should be friendly to you.