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  1. and this is how to create your membership through GrooveMember or using GrooveMember or
  2. the the flow is create a membership platform which is easy with GrooveMember add on the content which
  3. is again easy with GrooveMember add on the upgrade options which is we'll add on a little buttons
  4. through GrooveMember i believe let's just check on um on the youtube channel over here
  5. in GrooveMember so this is the video fourth of december today is the 7th of december
  6. memberships are managed through GrooveMember we manage the membership delivery over here
  7. teach in this imperfect action challenge so for those of you that have access to GrooveMember
  8. xyz dot okay this is how the sub domain will look like this is the sub domain that
  9. like this lp eating transit this will be the domain where our membership will be
  10. okay so would it be uh would it be healthy eating trends would it be xyz would it
  11. i don't really want to explain everything what GrooveMember is i just a short description
  12. the canvas and these are the same things that we have in in GrooveMember you can put in a
  13. GrooveMember category subcategory post now this is a sub category as well as you can see this is the
  14. youtube link so this one the video id GrooveMember so i click on the video
  15. or immediately to the to the GrooveMember um membership where they can download the
  16. GrooveMember in this one video it is a bit longer it's 2 hours and 36 minutes right at this point
  17. how do i actually take a GrooveMember and connect it with GrooveSell now i just showed you today so
  18. sequence is set up in GrooveMail the membership setup in GrooveMember there's a couple of things
  19. GroovePages GrooveVideo GrooveSell GrooveMember GrooveMail like the whole suite of tools that you