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  1. are medium, and 10% are large tests. And the large test--well, a GWTTestCase would count
  2. having either a browser or some kind of browser emulator. And GWTTestCase provides this facility.
  3. sub-classing GWTTestCase. Unfortunately, this means that most--this implies most of the
  4. GWT Widget and DOM Library and any application-specific low-level code would need GWTTestCase. So
  5. the problem with GWTTestCase, maybe you guys probably have known is it's slow and cumbersome
  6. to use. Ultimately for realistic integration level testing, GWTTestCase and Selenium or
  7. you don't know it. But in GWTTestCase, you can actually defer the failure or pass status
  8. MVP test cases and then webdriver to do the integration testing. And there's no GWTTestCase
  9. GWTTestCases to run. GWTTestCase--I mean I would see GWTTestCases are heavy integration
  10. level testing tool similar to webdriver, not quite as heavy. A GWTTestCase will probably
  11. with that and then whatever works. I guess. I wouldn't say No, you must have GWTTestCase.
  12. versus running in, say, Selenium or using GWTTestCase