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  1. but if there was ever a hackintosh to build as your first hackintosh,
  2. At that moment this Hackintosh would be not just fastest Hackintosh ever on planet in
  3. If you want the macOS experience but cant justify buying Apple hardware, the hackintosh
  4. requires the T2 chip to run, basically putting an end to the Hackintosh.
  5. that I'm into building hackintosh computers, but honestly I've just
  6. Is, of course, the Intel nuc now we have done one Hackintosh build already with an eighth-generation
  7. There are much larger cases. I've done a hackintosh build in the past with a mini ITX
  8. Tutorial on how to make a hackintosh. There are a few reasons, but one of the major ones is that there is no one-size-fits-all
  9. Hackintosh installation. The reality is that it depends greatly on your hardware and your BIOS on your motherboard
  10. and so when I do a hackintosh build on my channel I try to do ones that someone else has already done and created a
  11. But if you know how to do a hackintosh if you know how to make one
  12. Onto this USB Drive that it makes for you the hackintosh pros don't really like Tony Mac because it's not open-source
  13. step-by-step tutorials on how to create a hackintosh if you want to go one step further and this gets really spooky you can go to
  14. Which is a hexacore 6 core processor our little nuc Hackintosh is only a quad-core processor
  15. Expense and even though Hackintosh are about as easy to build and maintain as they've ever been they're not plug-and-play
  16. The Hackintosh community, for example, trick macOS into running on their custom-built computers.
  17. which make this perhaps one of the easiest hackintosh installations I've ever seen. Furthermore,
  18. but after an average of five tests, Mac Mini does slightly edge out the hackintosh.
  19. you really just be better off building a hackintosh tower instead for both cost and performance reasons than this little NUC build.
  20. Say hello to Ryzentosh. For less than $1,000, I built in all AMD hackintosh with a Ryzen