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  1. Adrien Scheuer: To have Hadi Hajibeygi from TU Delft Netherlands. Hadi is currently associate professor at TUDelft.
  2. Hadi Hajibeygi: Thank you very much, Adrien. Thanks everybody is my true pleasure and honor to share these moments with you and present you our.
  3. Hadi Hajibeygi: ongoing research and some recent findings and share with you some challenges that we are facing as well and seek for mutual cooperation or discussion about the subject.
  4. Hadi Hajibeygi: This work is presented by me, but obviously it's not just my work there are many, many students and colleagues who have contributed in different parts and I'm going to just
  5. Hadi Hajibeygi: mention the names when the topic is relevant. And I hope I deliver a good and useful message during this hour lecture.
  6. Hadi Hajibeygi: And the topic is about hydrogen is storage in the subsurface formation and i'm going through a kind of ongoing research, both from experimental and numerical analysis for that such.
  7. Hadi Hajibeygi: As you know, whenever we produce something, and we are going to distribute it to clients In between there must be a storage plans for any anything.
  8. Hadi Hajibeygi: Practically in everyday life, including also energy climates and water resources as well.
  9. Hadi Hajibeygi: For energy naturally renewable energy resources are intermittent so storage there is crucially important, because there are moments we don't really have enough income for climate actions everybody knows about a CO2 sequestration.
  10. Hadi Hajibeygi: And so the climate driven activities for storage is that'd be produced more than we should so Therefore, we need to store rate and more permanent ski.
  11. Hadi Hajibeygi: And therefore, the second city and the storage cycles or timeframes would be quite different to.
  12. Hadi Hajibeygi: What our resource management, as well, there are artificial islands, for people to live on this planet, as is getting more and more populated.
  13. Hadi Hajibeygi: And also natural water resources, especially in places where we have a scarce precipitation and then for agricultural purposes and so.
  14. Hadi Hajibeygi: There is a crucial demand in proper storage management of our water fresh water, for example, resources here in this talk i'm going to mainly focus about energy.
  15. Hadi Hajibeygi: and make it relevant to subsurface and human sciences, obviously, building on past decade of success or science is no different variety of scientific activities related to climate driven research.
  16. Hadi Hajibeygi: And to give you a perspective, we just spoke with with lauren before the webinar started about distorting classes with quizzes it's not really an official quiz, but I just make this slide.
  17. Hadi Hajibeygi: To actually ask about whether.
  18. Hadi Hajibeygi: In the audience, we know how much energy to be consumed, and in a country.
  19. Hadi Hajibeygi: In Netherlands or in the US, obviously the skills are quite different, but do you, for example, the Netherlands, we have about 17.5 to 18 million residents.
  20. Hadi Hajibeygi: And the scale of the energy that the clients in the supply parts are asking us is in the scale of 10 of what our.