How do you pronounce hamayu in English (1 out of 42).

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  1. Hi guys! my name is Hamayu, a fisherman from Shodoshima (Kagawa, Japan).
  2. Masaru) It was seriously good. Hamayu) It was seriously good.
  3. Masaru: I ate everything. Look! Hamayu: Oh wow! That's true.
  4. Masaru) We drank quite a lot. Hamayu) Yeah we drank quite a lot. (Caption: Two of them already drank a lot)
  5. Did you get to sleep Hamayu-san?
  6. Masaru) That's pretty tough. Hamayu) Yeah pretty tough.
  7. Masaru) I will be cheering you on. Hamayu) Great, thanks! I'm off. Masaru) Good luck!
  8. Masaru) So dirty. Hamayu) So dirty (haha). It was left like this from yesterday. (Caption: The same plate used from yesterday).
  9. Masaru) That's so wild. Hamayu) What do we call this? We can call this the deserted island rule.
  10. Hamayu) I'm opposed to that Japanese gag. Masaru) I said that on purpose so you would say that.
  11. Hamayu) We can only use this joke in these circumstance and when we say 'hantai'. Masaru) Yeah you're right.
  12. Masaru) Here is a good man. Hamayu) Yes sir.
  13. Masaru) It's the hidden ingredient. Hamayu) Yes it is.
  14. Masaru) Let's go. Just got it on Hamayu.
  15. Masaru) It might be good to place it here for infrared rays. Hamayu) Yeah that's true.
  16. Hamayu) Now, we just wait. Masaru) Yes, you're right.
  17. Masaru) I'm going to put the pro-'kai'-n (kai means shellfish) on here too. Hamayu) Yeah the pro-'kai'-n.
  18. Masaru) The pro-'kai'-n. Hamayu) Look at this luxurious plate.
  19. Hamayu) Looks so good! Masaru) Doesn't seem we made this in a deserted island.
  20. Hamayu-san I want to a drink beer already.