How do you pronounce harmonee in English (1 out of 16).

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  1. - [Lennox] Shuttle 359 to Harmonee Dispatch.
  2. - [Dispatch] Harmonee shuttle 359 to L.E.E. mining station.
  3. Been with Harmonee for eight years.
  4. Each time denied by Harmonee.
  5. The captain sends off a shipping report to Harmonee.
  6. makes it almost impossible for Harmonee
  7. Better than Harmonee.
  8. What's Harmonee going to do to me?
  9. He was gonna tell Harmonee.
  10. It's definitely not Harmonee.
  11. - What's going to happen to me when we get back to Harmonee?
  12. and your service to Harmonee.
  13. I'm gonna send Harmonee every piece of evidence
  14. I want you to tell Harmonee
  15. I'm on route to Harmonee headquarters.
  16. to the captain of Harmonee station.