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How do you pronounce hatunu in English (1 out of 10).

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  1. daughter Bala Hatunu.
  2. It is obvious that Aliar Bey came here to ask for his daughter Bala Hatunu.
  3. Will Sheikh Edebali give his daughter Bala Hatunu to Mr. Alisar in order for ahis to
  4. Alisar Bey, Kaydan Dndar Bey daughter Aygl Hatunu as well as Sheikh Edebali's daughter
  5. Bala Hatunu wants to get what is the purpose?
  6. We know that the reason Sheikh Edebali did not give his daughter Bala Hatunu Osman Bey
  7. Bey, this means that her daughter Bala Hatunu, Osman Bey is not the only reason not to give
  8. take part in the market is to give his daughter Bala Hatunu to Mr. Alisar.
  9. Hatunu and Aygl Hatunu and, more importantly, why he doesn't care about his marriage to
  10. Edebali Bala Hatunu and the daughter of Dndar Bey Aygl Hatunu.