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  1. file system that is called HDFS ok what I mean by HDFS HDFS is a Hadoop
  2. components: Hadoop Distributed File System, HDFS which
  3. computers that concept we are going to call it as a HDFS Hadoop distributed
  4. of storage wise so using the HDFS concept only the core concept only of
  5. HDFS elf only is going to work okay so as you know the data is distributed so
  6. so as you know we are going to discuss HDFS ok Hadoop distributed file system
  7. very thoroughly about HDFS and also we are going to discuss about the MapReduce
  8. going to work on top of my HDFS filesystem which is my storage one ok so
  9. our HDFS filesystem okay on top of this one we are going to cover very
  10. be it can go ahead and keep the data into your HDFS or you can go ahead and
  11. the HDFS filesystem or Hadoop framework we are going to use the methodology
  12. data and put it there into your HDFS filesystem collect the data from
  13. It uses a file system called HDFS for stable storage.
  14. Hadoop's HDFS is another example.
  15. the Google file system, it's a called a Name Node in Hadoop's HDFS.
  16. Well, why Pub/Sub to Dataproc to HDFS?
  17. suitable for our requirement here. In addition to that, HDFS here is on
  18. existing Linux machines, and use a collector to upload them into Dataproc HDFS for storage.
  19. parts of it are reasonably fine. However, the third part comes back to HDFS